Larry Gaines, 30 Year Veteran Trader

Don't miss this. Here's one users feedback from my previous oil webinar:  

"In your timing course I took a couple of months ago, I remember you saying strong possibility oil would start to move mid Dec (dates I remember were 12/15 – 12/17) I got in a little early – BUT- today took away a lot of pain. Your dates were right on target. In my defense, I will say I was using a lot of strangles and straddles – so I WAS making some money but just didn’t know I could have been THAT strategic. I’m impressed! You made some $$$ for me Larry! "- Beverlee

 (Please Note: Results vary among traders!)  

How to Trade the Energy Markets Using Spreads, Technical's & More

Here's some of what I'll cover:  

  • Global Oil Fundamentals ~ The Big Picture 
  • How to Identify & Trade Oil Cycle on Crude, Gasoline & Heating Oil  
  • How to Use Oil Con-tango to Your Trading Advantage 
  • What the Oil Technical's are Telling Us  

 And much more…